How It’s Done

  • Smoothies are made the day of delivery from a small piece of placenta, homemade yogurt and fresh berries.  They DO NOT taste gross and are not bloody.  They are a fast and easy way to speed recovery from the very beginning.
  • Encapsulation- I utilize the Traditional Chinese Method, which involves steaming the placenta over lemon and ginger, dehydrating it and finally grinding it into a powder that is then packed into capsules.  The pills are taken several times a day, gradually decreasing the dosage over 2 weeks.  They are flavorless.
  • Tinctures are made by allowing a portion of the placenta to steep in vodka or brandy for 6 weeks.  The liquid is then strained and bottled resulting in a hormone rich medicine that is shelf stable for life and can be used to supplement your natural hormones in times of emotional duress (ex. death of a loved one) or during menopause.
  • Prints are made on artist quality watercolor paper and often resemble trees.


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