About Me

I’ve been encapsulating placentas since 2012 after such a positive experience with the encapsulation of my own placenta following the birth of my second child.


I have delivered three children completely naturally.  The first was a hospital birth without intervention, without even and I.V., and without using my placenta for anything.  I labored for 15 hours, during which time I had to constantly fight the hospital staff to allow me to have the birth I wanted.  By the time baby D was ready to be delivered, I was so angry and exhausted I had her out in two pushes.  I tore pretty bad.

Assimilating to life with a newborn, a partner who was never home and a home without any nearby friends or family was extremely difficult.  By the time the baby was 4 months old I had a complete meltdown.  I hit a wall and could not physically go on.  I’d seriously depleted my reserves and never allowed myself time to recover following birth.  The postpartum period was awful and seemed to stretch on for a very long time.  On top of that I had innumerable problems breastfeeding and sustained so much damage that in the end I was relegated to exclusively pumping. Emotional turmoil would be putting it lightly.

Skip ahead 3 years to the birth of my second child.  I refused to have another hospital birth, and midwifery was illegal where we lived, so I opted for an unassisted home birth.  I completed doula training, educated myself on the basics of midwifery, created an emergency protocol book, and taught my partner how to best support me in delivery. I also arranged to have a friend encapsulate my placenta.

I labored for 5 hours.  The birth was flawless, the tearing minor, the baby healthy, the environment calm and relaxing.  The pills helped tremendously and my postpartum symptoms were drastically reduced.  I still had to pump, but I’d found people to donate milk to and was happy to offer that service.

Two and a half years later my third child arrived.  Another home birth, this time with the aid of a midwife.  I labored for 3 hours and had another easy beautiful birth with minimal tearing.  But this time there was a lot of bleeding, and even some uterine prolapse.  I again had my placenta encapsulated and was amazed at the speed with which I recovered from the birth and blood loss.

Placenta medicine truly is Sacred Medicine.


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