Choice of Love

Published February 13, 2015 by uncommonmommy

Today I will choose love.
Tomorrow I will choose love.
And the day after that, I will choose love.
If I mistakenly choose distraction, perfection, or negativity over love, I will not wallow in regret. I will choose love next.
I will choose love until it becomes my first response … my gut instinct … my natural reaction.
I will choose love until it becomes who I am.

-Rachel  Macy  Stafford 

Making the choice to love seems so easy, common sense really,  especially where our children are concerned, yet all we have to do is look around us to see the multitudes choosing anything but love.

There’s a movement of mothers out there taking a profound approach to parenting.  A gentle approach,  a cooperative approach,  a kind respectful,  peaceful approach to the obstacles of motherhood.

It is not easy to stop a moving train,  let alone turn it around,  but it is possible.  I stand here as testimony to that,  and I’m not alone in my choice,  struggles,  or achievements.

Love is not the easy choice but it is always the best choice.

The only important thing in life: sharing the connection we call love.

-Judith Lasater


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