Visions of Love

Published February 7, 2015 by uncommonmommy

Visions from a Lakota sunrise sweat lodge- December,  2012- Moran, WY

Love,  Love,  Love

We must dwell in love.
Not for ourselves,  but for our future generations.

We cannot live in a space of Anger and Love simultaneously.
Nor can we dwell in Fear and  Love simultaneously.

Fear is what separates us from Divinity–
    Love is what brings us back.

We cannot fight fear, anger and violence with more of the same.  We must love to defeat them.

When life becomes too much of a struggle,  we’re focusing on ourselves too much.  Turn the prayer outside of yourself to those who are in a worse position–
      and bless them.
Pray for them.
Share your energy with them.
By loving and healing others we ourselves will be loved and healed.

There was nothing dark or scary about the sweat–
Only beauty and Love.
Purification through Prayers and Kindness.


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