Impressions of February in North Carolina

Published February 3, 2015 by uncommonmommy

February in North Carolina
Buds on the red maples
Birdsong in the afternoon
Sun sets at 6pm
And children grow ansy
In anticipation of longer days.

Mud underfoot, and in pockets,
Sprouts and greens
Planting of seeds
Setting of goals
Setting of intentions
Nourishing life,

Thanking chickens
Misting seedlings
Kissing flowers
Foraging early wild greens
And mushrooms
Unpredictable weather.

A fresh cycle
Renewed  energy
Positive outlook
Excitement and Hope
Blessed Imbolc.


One comment on “Impressions of February in North Carolina

  • Darling Jerianne, just went through all the wonderful pictures and musings from you. You know, I so envy you………….you are doing and living as so many would love to do, but ‘things’ are much too important. I see the joy on the faces of the babies, and you, as well. How I would love to have ‘do overs’ and practice some of your ideas. I am sure that Daeman, Zander and Suvi are going to have so many wonderful and warm memories of their childhoods. i.e. Zander sitting in the bucket watching his big brother rake………..priceless. Thank you so much, Jerianne for this collection. You are to be admired (Eric as well) for being the parents that you are. I love all of you so much, Jeri. And……..miss you terribly. p.s. the babies are growing up much too fast. Put a brick on each of their little toe heads. Hugs to you, Darling Jerianne.

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