Discovering Truth By Expressing Emotion

by uncommonmommy

The Universe never fails to present me with all the tools I need to learn a particular lesson.  Over the last six months or so I’ve been really working on not yelling and getting so angry at my children.  I’ve made tremendous progress, only to find the exact things I was trying to get rid of creeping up in other parts of my life.   I knew something was amiss, but couldn’t quite figure out where I’d gone wrong.

Then, on a whim,  I picked up the book Emotional Wellness by Osho, and realized I wasn’t addressing the emotions, I was repressing them.  In the book, he explains our body’s physical manifestations of emotion and that even the act of suppressing those physical reactions represses the emotion itself, and by effect the opposite emotion.

I wanted to be less angry and more loving,  but by repressing anger I repressed love.  What a tragedy.

So as I’m processing this and wondering how to appropriately express all emotions, and even more important, how to teach my children to do the same,  Carrie over at The Parenting Passageway, announces a workshop in January over this exact topic!

The very next day, I sat down with my boys to watch our weekly episode of Mister Rogers only to see him sing this song about how repressing our emotions is a repression of truth,  and, of course, it’s the truth that will set us free. (Click the link for the song, it’s only 2 mins, and it is heartwarming <3 )