Trade your trash for glory.

Published September 12, 2013 by uncommonmommy

I often think of all the new behaviors or things I want in my life. 

More joy, understanding, compassion, smiles, creativity, love, etc.

The problem arises when one tries to pile these new behaviors on top of a lifetime of accumulated rubbish.  What you end up with is a fake smile and a begrudging heart still heavily laden with negativity and old beliefs/patterns.

The biggest changes in my life have not come off my “what I want” list, but have been a direct result of the “what I want less of” list. 

I want to criticize less, to blame less, to be less attached to the emotions of others, yell less, have fewer outbursts, etc.

Begin by making your own “what I want less of” list.   Then, when you find yourself doing something you want less of, take a moment to notice.  Point it out.  Shine a spotlight on it.  I’m doing this again. Notice how you feel.  Remind yourself you don’t want to do this anymore. 

That is awareness. 

The more you observe your negative patterns and behaviors, the less they’ll occur.  As the negativity and old behaviors dissipate, space opens up for the things on your “what I want” list to move in naturally. 

You must first make space before you can make change.

Trade your:

Criticism for Compassion

Anger for Kindness

Entitlement for Generosity

Lack for Abundance

Blame for Understanding

Turmoil for Peace

Fear for Love.


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