Like Day and Night.

Published September 4, 2013 by uncommonmommy

I want my oldest to enjoy time playing alone, doing arts and crafts, etc.  But the reality is, he loves to be with me.  ALL the time.  Given the choice he’d rather wash dishes or dust shelves with me than play with a favorite toy. 

My little one never really seems interested in what I’m doing.  Sure he’ll splash in the dishwater for a minute, but he much prefers to play amongst his wooden blocks, sandbox, or with a paper and crayon.

It dawned on me today, how I need to be for each of them.  My oldest needs to be incorporated into my rhythm.  He needs to participate in the cooking and housework more, because he likes it and behaves better when he is.  I’m often guilty of denying his help because I just want to get it done.

My little one loves our Waldorf activities and toys, and needs me to set him up with one before I take on a task where I can’t chase him.

The smoothest part of my day today was when I sat the little one down with the marker he stole, a piece of paper and a cardboard box to put it on, and then let the oldest help me clean out, vacume and reorganize the closet in that room.  Both boys were happy, occupied and out of trouble, and I still got to check something off my to-do list.

Surrendering to what they need over what I want makes a world of difference.



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