Birthday Gratitude.

Published August 30, 2013 by uncommonmommy

Today was my birthday.

I woke up to a pink and orange sky over the lake.

The toddler was crawling over me giving sloppy kisses.

The preschooler and husband were still nestled under the blankets, asleep.

We all had breakfast together.

We went to a local farm and bought green beans, onions, okra, green tomatoes, red tomatoes, and sweet potatoes. 

For a special treat we stopped at The Herb Store.  I got a coconut water, the boys got Lara bars.

I scrubbed my stove.

I roasted a pumpkin then made it into pie.

I called my dad for no other reason than to tell him it was a beautiful day and I loved him.

I reveled in the solitude of cleaning the house and cooking a birthday feast while the hubby played outside with both kids.

I enjoyed a lovely evening with two dear friends.

Then my husband and I sat in our chairs by lamplight and just visited about things.

I love my life.

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