Choose to BE the Mother You Are- Part II

Published August 19, 2013 by uncommonmommy

Motherhood needs to be consciously chosen.  Regardless of our jobs, roles, situations, beliefs or circumstances, the fact remains that those of us who have children are mothers.  It is time to align ourselves with that path.  To embrace our significance as mothers.  To wholeheartedly commit ourselves.

I challenge you to affirm your commitment to Motherhood.  To choose the path you’re already on.  Choose to BE the Mother you are.

I encourage you to share your affirmations in the comments.  Let us as young women, mothers and grandmas lift each other up in love, joy and commitment to the importance of our roles.

I am committed to my children.

I am committed to being the best wife and mother I can be.

I am committed to finding joy and peace in motherhood.

I am committed to looking within and following my heart and intuition that it may guide my parenting in love for my children.

I am committed to viewing motherhood as the divine opportunity it is.

An opportunity for my children to experience unconditional love, that they may learn to give it to others.

An opportunity to teach them they are miraculous expressions of divine love and light.

And most importantly, an opportunity for me as a mother to learn from my kids and grow in my own Being.

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