When it rains…Practice

Published August 5, 2013 by uncommonmommy

fence dispute

As I more fully commit myself to non-reactivity, presence, not taking things personally, and seeing the divinity in others, I’ve found Universe has been unusually generous in providing situations in which for me to practice.

Not a day has gone by this week when I haven’t found myself in extremely interesting circumstances that no doubt would have elicited very different responses just a few months ago.

I’m remembering to look at these challenging situations as opportunities to choose my behavior.

To be the person I want to be.

To choose peace and cooperation over being right, being angry, or wishing things were otherwise.

To remember that none of it is as serious as we think.

To laugh.

To be aware of the two little boys watching my reactions/responses and choose a plan of action that leaves all of us all feeling good.

I can’t say I’m perfect, or that I always succeed,

but I can say more often than not I’m proud of the decisions I’m making,

and I’m grateful for the unending opportunities to practice.

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