We have to talk…

Published July 29, 2013 by uncommonmommy

We have to talk about maintenance, which is far more important than corrective measures. This culture is based on fixing things, as opposed to maintaining them. But once we start to maintain instead of constantly fix, the problems that vex us will become much easier to solve. It will no longer be a matter of fixing something as we think of it today. Right now, fixing something means getting our way. It should mean asking: “What do I need to do here?”

-Martin Prechtel

As parents we need to recognize that our children are whole.  The behavior they display is a testament to their experience here on Earth, their contact with other people and the reactions they witness.  It is not our job to correct.  It is our job to demonstrate.  To be present in each moment, good or bad.  To ask ourselves, “what does this moment require?”  To respond to the child not react to the behavior.

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